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Galapagos Activities

The Islands That We Visit During Our Stay

San Cristobal

360 TOUR

360 Tour, we leave eraly in the morning to the pier and take the boat, we will ride around the island visiting Punta Pitt, Bahía Rosa Blanca, Bahia Sardina, Cerro Brujo, Leon Dormido (Kicker Rock). During the tour we have chance to see frigate birds, blue footed boobies, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, hammerhead shark, seagulls and more! This complete tour will offer the best views of the Island!

Santa Cruz


This small island is located on the centre of the archipelago, and on a clear day, more than ten islands can be spotted from the top of the viewpoint. The diversity and richness of this island is related to the Upwelling Phenomenon, very cold water surrounds the shore and provides food for many marine species.
The Pinnacle Rock, formed by an eroded toba cone, is the most emblematic formation of the archipelago. On its base, a small colony of Penguins cohabits with Sea Lions and Marine Birds. On the visit site of the beach, one can observe juvenile sharks swimming along the shore line, and sometimes on the surroundings, a hawk domain the air.
Great snorkeling opportunities with penguins and sea lions off a golden-sand beach at the foot of popular Pinnacle Rock.


Located directly to the north of Baltra Island, Seymour is very famous for its colony of frigates found on the south west side of this small island. Also we will found blue footed boobies, land iguanas, swallow tailed gulls, pelicans and red billed tropic birds. Flora and fauna is very attractive; here is the best spot to watch frigates and blue footed boobies, we will see them flying and standing in the trees, this is amazing place for watching the blue footed boobies nest, they will have their babies inside and they look very cute and small. Perfect place for bird lovers! During your visit will be the possibility to watch the frigate with their inflatable red-coloured throat pouches called gular pouches, which they inflate to attract females during the mating season.


This is part of a pair of islands and one of the smallest to be visited, located only a short distance from Santa Cruz, South Plaza has a unique sesuvium and opuntia landscape which provides some of the most interesting wildlife observations available in the Galapagos. A large colony of noisy sea lions, and a fascinating colony of land iguanas, this island is the most populated by this amazing reptile, which can be seen sunning themselves or feeding opuntia pads and fruits. Plazas offers amazing beaches with clear water where we can do snorkel and enjoy the landscape and marine fauna.

Santa Fé

The best spot for snorkeling, with clear waters, sea turttles, sea lions and more! In this island you will find land iguanas, very big, they are resting on the road that we will walk to go to the top of the hill, during the walking we will see fauna and flora, cactus, birds, iguanas and amazing landscape!


Pinzon Island, also known as Duncan Island, the name become after the visit of the Pinzon Brothers, captains of La Pinta and La Niña; the two caravels that accompanied La Santa Maria with Cristobal Colon, in their first voyage to this amazing continent and islands!
Pinzon island is home of the giant tortoises, sea lions and other endemic species, also marine iguanas and dolphins. Here we can do snorkeling with sea lions, sharks, manta rays and sometimes endemic penguins.


Sierra Negra Volcano

65usd per person

• Main Activities: Hiking/Trekking
• Intensity: Moderate - High
• Duration of the Tour: 5 hours
• Daily departures: 7:30am
• Group size: 16 people
• Includes: boxed lunch and beverages, tourist transportation and Spanish-speaking naturalist guide. Tour Description.
Tour Description:
The tour begins with a 45-minute vehicle ride into the highlands to the Galapagos National Park Checkpoint at 3,000 feet (900 meters) above sea level. It takes about 45 minutes to walk up to the edge of the Sierra Negra. The landscape of the caldera is mostly flat and we will walk around a section of the rim for about 1 hour. After lunch (included in the price), you have the option of taking the Chico Volcanic Trail or the new trail recently opened by the Galapagos National Park to the site of Sierra Negra's most recent eruptive activity. Afterwards, the transportation will pick us up. We will return to Puerto Villamil.

Tunnels (Cabo Rosa)

165usd per person

• Main Activities: Snorkelling
• Intensity: Easy - Medium
• Tour Duration: 5 hours
• Daily departures: 7:30am and 11am
• Group size: 10 people max.
• Includes: Snorkeling gear (mask and fins), wetsuit, box lunch and drinks, towels, transportation, English-speaking naturalist guide.
Tour Description:
The tour begins with a 45 minute speedboat ride to the western side of Puerto Villamil, and once there we will stop and take a tour to see the formations. Then we will make a stop and you will have the opportunity to walk through some of the lava platforms on foot. We will then go into the water and snorkel around the inner tunnels, swimming with the famous Galapagos marine life. Lunch is served onboard before returning to town.
Los tuneles is the result of lava platforms that collapsed into the sea, which created hundreds of lava tunnels and bridges of lava, above and below the water. The tunnels are a marine paradise and is a spectacular place to spot marine life while snorkeling in the clear waters surrounded by scenic lava formations of different colors and clear blue sky. The lava tunnels are home to many species such as white tip reef sharks, manta rays, seahorses, penguins, sea turtles, sea lions, giant mantas, colorful fish and blue-footed boobies.
These lava tunnels were formed millions of years ago when the lava flows from the volcanos on the island were solidified on the outside, thanks to their contact with the water, while remaining liquid on the inside, leaving the lava tunnels which have been eroded by the elements over thousands of years.
Observe the lava formations that form the Galapagos from up close in an impressive marine landscape in the The Tunnels. In Cabo Rosa, it is possible to swim with manta rays, White-tipped sharks, Galapagos sharks, sea horses, penguins, sea turtles, and many more species of fish. It is one of the best places to snorkel on in the islands.


65usd per person

• Main Activities: Snorkeling and hiking
• Intensity: Easy - Moderate
• Duration of the tour: 3 hours.
• Daily Departures: Morning and Afternoon
• Group size: 16 people maximum
• Includes: Snorkeling gear (mask and fins), wetsuit, transportation and an English-speaking naturalist guide.
• Highlights: Galapagos white tip reef sharks, sea turtles, penguins and sea lions.
Tour Description:
A 45-minute boat ride around the lava formations of Tintoreras, where we will see penguin colonies, departs from the main dock. We stop at one of the lava platforms and hike 1 hour on flat terrain to see marine iguanas and the important Galapagos sea lion colonies. Then we will go into the water and snorkel where we will be able to see Galapagos sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and marine iguanas swimming around. After the snorkeling we will head back to the main dock.

Kayaking Tintoreras

75usd per person

• Main Activities: Kayaking
• Intensity: Medium
• Tour duration: 2.5 hours
• Daily Departures: Morning and Afternoon
• Group size: 16 people maximum
• Includes: double kayaks, snorkel (mask and fins), wetsuit, lifejacket, local guide.
Tour Description:
Itinerary Starting from Puerto Villamil Bay, you will kayak to Tintoreras. During the paddle your guide will point out the different animals of the Galapagos like marine birds, sea lions and marine iguanas. There is an option to take a break from kayaking and snorkel around Tintoreras. You can swim with the marine life.

Tortuga Island

185usd per person

• Main Activities: Snorkelling and Fishing
• Level: Snorkeling/swimming intermediate
• Tour Duration: 5 hours
• Departures: Special request
• Minimum group size: A minimum of 5 people is required for this excursion.
• Highlights: Hammerhead sharks and giant manta rays
• Includes: SSnorkeling gear (mask and fins), wetsuit, packed lunch and drinks, towels, tour transport, English speaking naturalist guide and a team 100% committed to giving you the best experience possible.
Tour Description:
We take a 30 minute boat ride to Tortuga Island and then enjoy a boat ride around the island with the opportunity to see Galapagos seabirds such as Blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, frigate birds, lava gulls and tropical birds. We will go into the water to snorkel in the open water around the outer area of the island for about 1 hour. There is a good possibility of seeing hammerhead sharks and swimming with giant manta rays. Afterwards it is back to the boat for the return trip to Loberia Grande. During this trip you will have the opportunity to fish with the crew from the boat. Once we arrive at Loberia Grande, we will enjoy our included lunch. Then we will have one last chance to go back in the water for some deeper dives. Afterwards the boat will bring us back to Puerta Villamil.

Sulphur Volcano

450 US Dollars for 2 people (Private)

• Main Activities: Hiking
• Intensity: Easy - Medium
• Tour Duration: Easy - Medium
• Daily departures: Easy - Medium
- Group: 2 people + 1 additional person for $500 (3 people)
- - Includes: Tourist transportation, lunch, English speaking naturalist guide.

Walk into the depths of the volcano's crater and see the impressive sulfur mines where the volcano comes alive. The entire area is covered in a vibrant yellow hue that promises to leave you in awe.
Walk into the depths of the volcano's crater and see the impressive sulfur mines where the volcano comes alive. The entire area is covered in a vibrant yellow hue that promises to leave you in awe.

• transfer airport – hotel and vice versa: taxi 20usd each way (max 4 pax)
• hotel dock transfer -and vice versa: taxi 15 usd each way (max 4 pax)
• Ferry: 40usd per person, one way

Boat charter by route:

Option 1:
The cost for the boat charter for 35 spaces is $1300 USD per person (including taxes) via Santa Cruz Isabela. The boat has the capacity of 40 people, but we recommend no more than 35 people at a time.
Option 2:
The Santa Cruz cruise boat is the only cruise ship that has the capacity of more than 40 passengers at a time. The cost per person, for each route, is $10,000USD.

Transportation from Baltra Airport - Isabella Island/Isamar Hotel:
Baltra Airport is located on its own island; from the airport to Itabaca Channel, by bus, it costs 5USD per person. An operator of Galapagos can send the list of passengers entering and make the payment via transfer beforehand. To cross the channel, the cost is 1USD per person. From here to reach Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz, there are two options - a bus which costs 5USD per person, or a taxi which is 25USD per journey. The travel time is approximately 30 minutes, the journey takes you through the heart of the most central island, Santa Cruz. From there, it is necessary to take a speedboat to the main port in Isabela Island, the cost of this journey is 30USD. This trip takes approximately 1.5 hours in the open ocean. From the port to the hotel in Villamil, it will cost another 5USD for the taxi to reach Isamar Hotel. Another option would be to fly directly from Baltra to Isabela, the price of this is 120USD per national (Ecuadorian), and 145USD for foreigners. The flight time is approximately 30 minutes, during which you will be able to see all the various landscapes of the archipelago.

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